Friday, March 14, 2008

Filipino Food Challenge

Pirran enjoyed all sorts of cuisine in the Philippines. Here's what he had to say on Skype.
Pirran D: had korean last night - kimchi etc (remember me explaining that the other day?) - well with it came these delightful little things - dried whitebait style fish, v pungent and crunchy, but coated with chilli flakes and sugar - went very well with the meal. looking forward to suckling pig on a stick, which is apparently a delicacy here.
Gemma Driver: was wondering wen i'd get my 1st update!
Pirran D: went to an amazing buffet at the shangri la hotel. it was ridic. unbelievable. i gorged myself. oysters, smoked mussels, sushi, dim sum, peking duck, pork head, chicken feet, tempura, massive crabs and shrimp
then i started getting a bit full, so missed the main course out and had 3 desert rounds instead, including thai and filipino style stuff like agar agar, beans in syrup, purple yam. oh - forgot to say - fermented duck embryo is a speciality here. i shall try to try and report back.

Well, he did. "It looked f$$$ing rank! But I obviously couldn't not try it. It didn't taste too bad, but I couldn't finish it, just coz it looked so disgusting." Watch the video, of Pirran eating balut, Filipino duck embryo street snack delicacy, straight from the shell. Unfortunately for Pirran, this particular one was not fermented. Ah well, next time...


Anonymous said...

Hey P, it's best to eat it straight up without looking at the hairy parts haha! Our oldies here think "balut" is an aphrodisiac too. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Real Men eat “BALUT”
You are so lucky you had experienced eating that even once. Try it with chili pepper vinegar to get rid of fishy smell. Infact I couldn’t find “Balut” here in Doha! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Hi guys...I take it that is the only Rudolph I know in Doha??? I am surprised that with so many Filipinos there you can't find any! Cheers Pirran

Nancy said...

Looks like a spirit of unusual food adventures run in the family, Gemma! Thanks for sharing the video.