Friday, October 05, 2007

Sierra Leone

I love Sierra Leone! Friendly, happy, welcoming people, who love their country, despite being some of the poorest people on the planet. Plus super-fresh and wholesome food, rainforest and empty Bounty beaches. And it's even warm in rainy season.


I recently went to Sierra Leone with my father, who works there sometimes. Everyone still thinks of the place as war-torn, but the brutal decade-long civil war ended in 2001, and the country is now one of the safest in Africa. The vast majority of people are desperate to maintain peace after such a bloody war. ...Except that we did go when it was the first election since the war, so the country had ground to a bit of a halt - no civil servants knew whether they would still have a job in two weeks, teachers were running ballots, so schools were closed, and everyone stopped work, which meant that commodities were running out. There was also some political tension and a bit of trouble by a violent minority, whilst the main topic of conversation was the election. Since then, though, the country has become peaceful once again.

Here's my Foodie's Adventure Diary...

N.B. While reading you may notice a lot of chips in my Sierra Leonean diet - I'd like to point out they these were always freshly-cut, fried real chips and consistently delish!

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