Thursday, October 04, 2007

Gemma Driver - Food & Travel Writer

Gemma Driver, 31, is the gourmet journalist and food editor at FrenchEntree, French News, and her own site, The Gastropod. Journalist, writer, editor, interviewer and researcher for publications and television, recipe writer and translator, food correspondent for radio ( Radio Liberte), and reviewer.

The combination of a refreshing, vibrant style of writing with an accredited tasting background, means that Gemma's writing and knowledge has quickly become sought after. In her pursuit of gastronomic adventure, she frequently dispels traditional culinary rules and advocates honestly and ethically produced food. Gemma moved to rural South-West France, in 2002, for the lifestyle, ingredients, sun and her ancient stone house.

You can view my work at The Gastropod, but this is the place for my food blog, with reports on the food and drink I experience on my travels...

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captain boozie said...

Dear Gemma,
I am searching for a recipe that I heard of about 24 years ago. It's called Didder and Dodder - a Lancastrian dish, I believe. Do you have a recipe for this, or can you advise where I might find one?