Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Vegetable Garden Gallery 2010

Here’s a look back at the different stages of my vegetable garden in 2010. Now there are just a few cabbages, sprouts, and turnips left, along with some sad-looking beets and ratty callaloo.

The pigeons have pretty much destroyed my kale and sprouting broccoli crops, which is particularly painful, because the seeds came from the States and were delivered by a friend, and you can’t buy either vegetable in France.

Bring on summer! It it is time to start again, and plant the first veg of 2011 – broad beans. The sun has been warm for a week, and spring is on its way, so it feels like I don’t have long to wait for summer. I’ve still got a couple of months of bringing logs in to stay warm, but there is an end in sight.


Peas flowering

Sunflowers, baby aubergine plants and some happy-looking beetroot

Lots of baby plants; garden still looks quite bare


Peas are ready now

Courgette starting to fruit

Pretty beans


Baby cabbages and brussels sprouts

Tomatoes ripening among flowers

Aubergines fruiting madly

Garden looking less bare now


Lush ripe tomatoes

Haul of garden produce

Decent squash harvest


Fantastic cabbage - I'm proud of this one!

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