Friday, October 29, 2010

Stop UK Mega-Dairies

This is important - Follow this Compassion in World Farming link on the perils of mega-dairies proposed for the UK.

Apart from the cows never seeing the light of day, there is also human cost to these and they are a disaster for diversity: I have spoken to French farmers who are already suffering from being out-priced by Dutch mega-dairies, and for several years it has no longer been possible to find local butter in the UK, as ALL UK butter is made in 2 giant dairies, and small producers can't compete on price. Local, individual, unusual dairy products will disappear or only be available to the wealthy.

If you care about:

• Nice food
• Cows
• Not having all money from dairy products going to a very few rich businessmen rather than normal farmers.

...then please take literally a minute to fill out their email form to send to your MP. The link to send the form is at the bottom of this page.


Anonymous said...

Hi all,

Indeed our MPs can seize a unique opportunity to move the UK away from factory farming! You can ask your MP to take a stand against factory farming on the 12 November when there will be a Parliamentary vote for fairer food – No more 'Noctons'

By voting for the Sustainable Livestock Bill and the Public Bodies (Sustainable Food) Bill, your MP can choose a future in which industrial developments like Nocton Dairies have no place.

For the bills to stand a real chance of passing into law, at least 100 MPs need to be in the House of Commons on Friday 12 November.


Tor, Compassion In World Farming

Gemma Driver said...

Thanks Tor. I didn't get notified of this post, so have only just published it - shame it's way past 12th Nov! Feel free to add any updates on the situation here, and I'll start checking for posts.